Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Wildcat at sea and the Year of the 45

Lyme Bay, on Monday November 7 2011, at Noon precisely.

As reported by Navy News, an AW159 Wildcat from 700W Naval Air Squadron touches down on RFA Argus's huge flight deck. It's the first time, for the Wildcat, which represents the future of the busiest flying squadron of the UK, 815 Naval Air Squadron.

The deck landing is the first in a long series of trials which will see Wildcat cleared to operate on all classes of Royal Navy and RFA ships in all theatres of the world. In January 2013 the first Wildcat will arrive at Yeovilton, allowing the 700W squadron to establish how aircrews will operate the helicopter on deployment.
700W (Wildcat) will also work to prepare the training courses which, from January 2014, will take place at 702 NAS, the OCU Squadron of the Lynx fleet, which will manage the conversion to the new helicopter and prepare crews for it along its life. From there, the qualified fliers will move to the front-line Lynx squadron, 815 NAS, with the first Wildcat expected to deploy in 2015.

Meanwhile, for the Navy, the next year will be the "year of the 45", as all three the first Type 45 in service will have their maiden deployment, starting with HMS Daring, which has just completed two months in the hands of the team from the Flag Officer Sea Training, specialists who prepare the entire Fleet for all eventualities when deployed around the globe.
FOST put the ship to the test, and Navy News covers it with some beautiful images.


  1. Hi Gabriele,
    Have the type 45's now been properly armed with phalanx etc?

  2. The D32 HMS Daring, yes. It has been fitted with Phalanx. The others, not yet, but they are going to be fitted with it, and prior to deployment, i'd expect.

    However, i had also hoped that the Stingray torpedoes and Harpoon missiles coming down from the retired Type 22s would migrate onto the Darings, but for now there's no indication of it happening.


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