Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Still the best

It is said that the answer of a british admiral to an US one welcoming him with the words "I'm of the US Navy, the biggest navy in the world" was "I'm from the Royal Navy, the BEST navy in the world".
British armed forces are known worldwide for their professionalism and high standards, and the very sole name of certain corps, from the SAS to the Gurkhas to the Red Devils to the RAF and Royal Navy and Marines is enough to see respect and admiration shine.
Even after years of savage cutbacks, the British Armed Forces still often prove to be the best.

And in fact, British Officer Cadets taking part in this year's Sandhurst Cup in America have won the top two best international team positions.
The British Cadets also won the Navigational Streamer, presented to the overall winner of the land navigation section of the two day challenge.

Fifty teams took part in the annual inter-company military skills competition at the United States Military Academy West Point, including seven international guest teams from Canada, Australia, Afghanistan, Taiwan, Chile and two Royal Military Academy Sandhurst teams.
The two day competition combined a six minute team marksmanship challenge, as well as a four and a half hour combat assault challenge including obstacle courses, command tasks, mental and physical endurance challenges such as a rope ravine crossing and casualty carries, a 90 minute navigation course followed by a river boat crossing and a first aid casualty assessment, before finishing with a series of mental military challenges.

The teams then needed to complete a written test to evaluate their observational skills during the course, and complete a final weapons check.

Full article here.  Once more, well done lads!

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