Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Typhoon strikes Lybia

RAF Typhoons finally got their share. After the Tornado GR4's good hunting trips, yesterday a RAF Typhoon has taken its own two Gaddafi tanks out with Paveway II bombs.

It is the first ever real strike mission carried out by a Typhoon worldwide. And it has been (unsurprisingly, but it is always nice when things go this way) a total success.

Note however the comparatively HUGE boom of a Paveway II bomb compared to the explosions we've seen in earlier videos of Brimstone strikes. Clearly, the Typhoon currently can engage only targets out in the open if collateral damage and civilian victims are to be avoided. The Typhoon was in fact accompanied by a Tornado GR4, which almost certainly flew in the by now standard "Libya config" with Paveway IV, 3 Brimstones and Litening III targeting pod. 

Read more from the Ministry of Defence official news.

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