Friday, September 19, 2014

The Union lives through yet another night


Big sigh of relief, as the Union gets a fairly reassuring majority of votes in a great example of true democracy. The margin isn't as great and solid as i'd like it to be, and it is clear that change is desired and necessary. But the United Kingdom has to get better and stronger together, not break down: breaking down the Union wouldn't be of any help.
I'm glad that the Union stands. Democracy has been applied, the people have spoken. Thankfully, the divisive arguments haven't won the day.
There is plenty to be done, but it shall be done together.

And on the defence front, things can get back in motion. The shipyards can expect the go ahead for restructuring and upgrading soon, and hopefully the Type 26 program will make the news in the next while.

Keep on riding. 


  1. Thank you for your comments and support Gab.

    The greatest testimony to British democracy was that the referendum took place at all. What happened yesterday would have taken civil war and mass bloodshed to achieve in most other nations.

    Here's to shipbuilding on the Clyde.

    Looking forward to your next post as always.

  2. Gabrielle!!!!!

    Long live Great Britain and long live Italia!

    Agree with Richard. British democracy at its best.

  3. Here here Daniele, my sentiments exactly. Being Anglo Italian I agree with every word you say

  4. I pray that this heralds a new surge in Nationalism....British Nationalism, with pride in our armed forces at its head. England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland all together and fairly represented.

    That means an English parliament to go with more devolved powers for Scotland and Wales. And no more defence cuts. With the situation in Russia and the Middle East increases are needed, however small.

    1. Daniele

      "And no more defence cuts. With the situation in Russia and the Middle East increases are needed, however small."

      Well said. You can say that again and again and again, as often as you like, as far as I am concerned. Agree with every word.

  5. I couldn't agree more, my views exactly

  6. This is a new dawn, I am joyful that we have got through this, but now we must pester our politicians for change. All of us must ensure we unite our Union. We have it in us to prove the Nationalist wrong. As Andy Murray said for independence so I say for democratic change ... "Let`s do this..."
    As for our forces, we need to be prepared to accept the "Peoples" will. We may need to make further sacrifice in our capability. But having stared down the barrel of seeing the Union dissolve I would prefer a couple of points lost on Defence than a Union split apart. Ships can be built in a few years. Training can be done over a decade. But our Union is centuries old, we have all to protect that.

  7. I'm in the mood for a bit of Pomp and Circumstance...always gets me going and the hairs raised up on my arms.

    God Bless HM Armed Forces.

  8. Daniele
    That you from DefenceManagement Days ?

  9. Hi Anonymous.

    Yes, it is I. Whatever happened to that site? I was sad to see it vanish.

    I recall the stick poor Martin would get wanting a Sea Typhoon. And I always found myself in agreement with "Rob" whoever he was.

    Were you on there?

  10. Yes, I used name Degradable. I frustrated you and Graham with view of Nuclear deterrent. Which was that cost to replace would damage conventional force levels to much. Now I am concerned that we need to realise our day may have come. Perhaps keeping the Union was more important than an extra tank or ship.

    1. Yes I remember you Degradable, and remember one "keen" discussion on that issue with you. No worries mate. Good to read some old "faces"

  11. We spend a paltry 2% of our gnp on defence. Britsin could easily double that, having strong conventional forces aswell as nuclear. We shouldn't have to choose which has priority

    1. Agree with Russel. Politicians only interested in votes, and there are not many votes in Defence. What gets cut to pay for it? I would start with aid budget and benefits culture.

      If we want to be a P5 power, which we do, I think having both Nuclear and conventional capabilities is an obligation. There lies the Elephant in the room.

      Conventional forces should be priority yet having a Nuclear capability gives the UK a seat at the top table, which I do not think the government would willingly give up.

      My position is that the UK has the 6th largest economy, is a P8 member of richest Industrial nations, and has a worldwide political, economic, cultural, diplomatic and language footprint, the legacy of empire.

      Our forces are now too small but we still have many cutting edge assets others lack.

      Another asset constantly overlooked is our comprehensive Intelligence Community, hand in glove with the US, especially concerning GCHQ/NSA. One may only look at the daft Snowden "witch hunt" by the left, which exposed just how comprehensive this is.
      Another feather in the UK's cap.

      So in my opinion, the UK is still somebody on the world stage and should indeed have both.

      Defence was cut too far a decade ago without the latest cuts.

      HMG must decide if the UK is like Switzerland, or an Expeditionary Power. I choose the later.

      Being a Nuclear power only frustrates that due to the costs as Degradable points out.

  12. We spend about 12 billion on foreign aid, money which we can barely afford to give out. We even give aid to India and would you believe it, China . Imagine a defence budget with an extra 10 billion. We could easily have 3 carriers , 30 escorts plus a full amphibious capability . The army would be fully equipped with every vehicle they needed. This of coarse will never happen, at least not with the gang who call themselves the government we have.

  13. Agree with Russell. I would be happy with a realistic 1 billion a year extra, real terms, never mind 10 billion!

    Don't forget the money to the EU.

  14. Gaby

    "the use of surplus Warrior hulls is no longer described as the automatic way forward for the programme, but I continue to believe that it remains the most likely and most promising option."

    I have read in some places (it might even have been in your post, which I have just re-read again incredibly quickly so might have missed it) that a different vehicle might be sought for ABSV. One suggestion was additional FRES SV vehicles. Can you believe that? Seems an awfully expensive solution to me. No, Warrior seems the best answer to me, unless a cheaper, good alternative can be found.


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