Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ellamy's first casualty

The UK's contribution to Libya's operations today has sadly extorted its toll. The first UK victim (and hopefully the only), is a truck driver from RAF's 2nd Mechanical Transport Squadron, who died in an accident in Italy while driving on one of the regular convoys which have been enabling the air war to happen, ever since the very first days.

An earlier RAF No2 MT convoy on its way to Gioia Del Colle, on a luckier day and travel 

MoD spokesman Col Nick Orr said the airman, was driving the lead vehicle in a supply convoy when it left the road in the Abruzzo region.
The convoy was taking supplies to UK forces in support of Operation Ellamy in Libya, driving towards Gioia Del Colle. His family has been informed. Following the normal period of grace given to the family, the MOD named the casualty, Senior Aircraftman James Smart, 22, from Wrexham. Smart had previously been in the Territorial Army, and moved in the No2 MT in 2008.
Between May and September 2010, he served in Afghanistan, and was due to receive his operational medal on 1 August. After returning from Afghanistan, he was deployed to the Falkland Islands between October 2010 and January this year.
He now was on his fifth convoy in support of UK forces involved in the Libyan intervention when he died in the car crash near Vasto, in Southern Italy, on Wednesday.
Col Orr said it was not yet known why his vehicle left the road, but the cause of the accident was being investigated.

My thoughts go to the family and to the friends and comrades of the victim, and it is further saddening to me to know that his life has been lost here in Italy.

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  1. Named as SAC James Smart


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