Tuesday, December 5, 2017

US and British Army attempt to Strike

Nicholas Drummond, ex-British Army officer and now consultant and commentator for defence industry, has decided to start a new blog, focused chiefly on the Land environment. I've had the honor of providing one of the posts with which the blog is beginning its journey, which will hopefully be long and rich of satisfactions.

In my post, which might be followed by a wider discussion on here in the coming months, i've decided to compare what the US Army and the British Army are doing to tackle the same problems. Multi Domain Battle and Integrated Action / Joint Land Strike are far closer in concept than some may realize, but the differences in approach and in proposed solutions could hardly be any more diverse.

The Reconnaissance and Security Strike Group and the Strike Brigade are on two parallel courses. They are not entirely different, yet they never seem to touch.
It is worth spending some time reflecting on similitudes and differences, and see what makes sense and what does not.

I recommend you visit the blog and read the article.


  1. Excellent, thank you.

    The army needs to sort out that SP replacement for the Light Gun. They stated it was funded.

  2. Hi Gabriele,
    Yes read it yesterday. Very good.
    We haven't yet heard how the army is going to be affected by the next round of 'efficiency' savings.
    I have my doubts about the money for a new gun, and about how many if they are purchased. My fear is that there will only be enough for a single regiment plus some training pieces.
    However, I hear that the Downing Street cat is now being funded under the Defence budget.
    Phil (The cynical ex pongo)

  3. Gabriele and guys,
    Just an update to my comment.
    Rumour is the army is to be cut to 50,000,
    in the next round of efficiency savings,
    that maybe just a shock headline,
    but it looks to me some sort of cut is coming.
    Phil (The cynical ex pongo)

  4. And here I thought you meant that the US and British Army where taking industrial action XD


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